Friday, April 5, 2013

Where did March go?

Did I really do this again? Did I really go another month without posting?  I think it's been a little under a month but clearly I've written nothing about March and it's already April. Impossible.  My excuse this time?  And I actually have one...  my computer got a virus the week before spring break and then with family visiting over spring break, there was little or no time to write. Anyone buying that?  Well that's my story.

March was a month of appointments. As I glanced through my planner I see that we practically spent more time at doctor, dentist, orthodontist, etc. offices than at home.  This is something I never realized would be a major part of parenting and life in general and we're not even a sick family!  I had no idea how much of my time would be devoted to waiting rooms.  I could never have guessed how many $35 co-pays I'd shell out.  Never before have I become so acquainted with the concept of "deductibles".   Most of our visits were standard well check-ups, braces adjustments, and vision therapy, but two of them were somewhat important.  I had a brief arthritis flare up in January which could have meant trouble, but thankfully all my blood work was just fine.  Then I had my knees re-evaluated and we've made the decision to get some minor surgery on my right one. That of course will bring more appointments and more co-pays in April. Oh joy. I really don't know how families with two working parents and kids in school ever find the time to fit in their appointments.  I supposed that's why I usually have no trouble getting morning ones. Thank goodness for homeschooling!

The other highlight in March was spring break followed by Easter Sunday.  This year the Nesbitt family came down to visit the parents and the cousins.  We had such a nice time together at my in-laws house. It was so fun in fact that we made a spontaneous decision to sleep over for the night.  I'm glad we did because it allowed more time to visit.  The second half of spring break was at our house.  The kids played around the yard while the grown-ups sat poolside catching up.  The weather could have been a little warmer, but all things considered it was really quite pleasant. 

Easter Sunday was a little anti-climatic as the Nesbitt's had left on Friday.  With no family around and Dennis having to work in the afternoon, there seemed no reason to make a big meal. As a matter of fact, since our week was filled with so much other stuff, I found it really hard to focus on the true meaning of Easter.  Our church service was very nice though and as always, by the time it was over I found my heart back in the right place.


And now we're into April.  More on that next week... I hope.

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