Thursday, March 14, 2013

Where did February go?

Back in September when I decided to have the kids write a weekly blog about their homeschool experiences, it occurred to me that while the idea was nice in theory, it would probably be difficult to maintain over the whole year. I figured that at least one or two of the kids would slack off and we might realistically go months without a blog.  I did not however predict that it would be me that would be the slacker in question.  Today I picked up my computer to check out my blog and I can see that a whole month has past since my last post. Whoops! How did that happen?

February was not a dull month around our house so perhaps that might serve as my official excuse for not writing sooner.  Each week I've been on the kids about writing, editing, and posting their entries. Since I serve as their final editor and photo-supplier, I can not claim that the Blogger website has been off my radar.  Quite the opposite is true; I'm on here all the time.  My only failure has been not taking the time to visit my own page. So in light of this... I am back.

February always begins with Dennis and me celebrating our anniversary.  This year we celebrated 15 years of marriage. The week seemed a little hectic, so we choose to celebrate at home with a private meal in our bedroom. Emily helped style the event and even took care of our wardrobe.  It was a lovely evening.

A week later was of course Valentine's Day.  I usually try to get something nice for each of the kids.  This year Kat got two stuffed animals which she is writing a full-length story about.  Stay tuned.  Emily got an pinkish purple orchid, and James got a venus fly-trap plant.  Or course everyone got plenty of chocolate too. 

The following week we used up a Groupon I had purchased a few months before for a motor boat rental.  We picked up our rental boat in Melbourne and headed down towards Palm Bay for some fishing. Everything went very smoothly minus forgetting our bait which we had to drive back for and the fact that we didn't catch anything at all. Other than those two things, it was a lot of fun.

The next day we headed back to the water but this time for a little surfing.  Well, that's what Dennis did. The kids thought the water was much too cold.  Truthfully it was very cold. The only one who didn't see to mind too much was Katherine. She of course got a surf lesson from her father. Emily and James stood around having no fun and wanted to be anywhere but there.  I manned the camera from a beach chair wearing a sweatshirt and draping a towel over my legs to stay warm.

The last week in February was reserved for skiing in Utah.  The kids and I hadn't been skiing in three years so we were all really looking forward to it. Emily and James were a little shaky on the first run down but quickly resumed semi-pro status.  I felt a little shaky myself but also regained confidence quickly. My main concern was my knees which held up nicely for the first day or two. By the third day I notice a lot of discomfort in my right knee and decide not to ski the fourth day. Thankfully this did not interfer with my ability to go shopping. Dennis, who had already been skiing at least once this year and a few times the year before looked more like a pro than ever.  I'm not sure whether to rejoice or be bitter at his newly gained skillfulness.  The trip in all was absolutely fabulous minus the difficulty with non-rev travel home which these days is almost a given.

You may have noticed that there was no mention of Kat on this vacation. This is because Kat hasn't decided whether or not skiing is really something she wants to do.  She's tried skiing a few times in IL when she was much younger but has never been on a trip out West with us. In the past she's always choose to spend a week in Florida with her grandparents.  Now that we live in Florida, we thought she'd might like to go with us, but in the end she choose to stay to home.  After hearing about the fun things they did while we were gone, I can see why she'd rather stay with them. 

So February really was busy with so many good things to see, do, and celebrate.  I can see now why I got a little behind.  I'm glad I took some time to write a few things about each event.  Everyday is a gift from God, and I'm enjoying unwrapping each and every one of them!