Monday, May 12, 2014

Belle for a Day

When the kids were very young we didn't let them watch many Disney movies. It sounds a little strange since Disney is usually the go-to company for safe family-friendly viewing options but at the time we felt it was for the best.  Emily had quite a tender heart and easily got nightmares from even the mildest villain (a Disney must-have).  By the time Kat came along they watched a few videos like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, but not too many others.  This however did not stop the girls from wanting to dress up as Disney princesses.

Here's Emily dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Fast forward many years.

Since we live close to Disney World, it's not uncommon to see young ladies dressed as Disney princesses for birthday parties, charity events, and other functions.  This past weekend Emily had an opportunity to once again don such a costume.

Her dear friend, Alice in Wonderland, had asked if she'd join her along with another friend, Ariel, to make some young kids' wishes come true.  The event was held in honor of her cousin who had passed away from cancer several years before.  The three girls all dressed as different Disney characters and set up a photo booth where kids could come by to meet them and have their picture taken.  Emily choose to be Belle again, but this time she's wearing her blue dress and holding one of her books.

All three girls were delightful and behaved completely in character.  It was so fun to see them interact with the kids.  At one point a young girl around age five or six came up to "Belle" and looked at her in awe.  I couldn't help but think of Emily at that age and how at one time she was that little girl. Now she's grown old enough to look like - and pretend to be - the real princess Belle.  What a joy it's been to watch her turn into this lovely young woman who would willingly give up her time to make other little girls feel special.  Truly, all three of these young ladies have the hearts of beautiful princesses inside and out.

And when it was over, they all had a chance to kiss a frog.  Who knows, maybe their Prince Charmings are not far off.  Well... maybe not just yet.