Thursday, July 5, 2012

T-minus 28 Days

Originally posted: 5/3/2012
Each and every year we take a long hard look at what's working for our family and what's not. This yearly examination has brought forth several changes. Traveling, saving, moving, homeschooling, public schooling, private schooling... these are some of the areas we are constantly re-evaluating. This year is no different. With great prayer, many conversations, and hours of research, we feel led to bring our children home - yet again - for a 'different' kind of education. Currently we have two in public school and one at home using a public school website for her curriculum. I'd like to say the past year has been a resounding success. I'd like to say it was at least acceptable, adequate, or at very least passable. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it has not. Each of our kids have unique educational needs (no surprise) and each has their own unique dissatisfaction with school. I don't expect every day and every hour to be a 'joyride' but as the school year-end quickly approaches it's clear that each day the bar is being set lower and lower. No one's lovin' learning and that's just plain old sad. So, in 23 more days their public school journey will end for the year and a new (and hopefully) brighter year of education will begin. Thus the beginning of our blog "the5LeRoy's" is born.

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