Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Design Blues

If you're reading this Blog you've probably noticed three things. First, it's plain. No cool bottons, fancy gadgets, or cool swag.  Why? I just don't know how to do it. I've been working on setting up this blog for months and no amount of "help topics" I read is helping me make this look any richer. Clearly I need a programmer sitting next to me guiding me through each and every step. 

Next, some of entries are marked "Originally posted on..."  that is because I began blogging on WordPress before I decided to switch to Blogger.  Since I only had a handful of posts written, I thought it just as well to copy and paste them here.  Thus the mix-matched dates, fonts, etc.

Finally, you may have discovered the entries are too loonngg.  I noticed that right away but thought it important to document how and why we decided to homeschool this year.  A little background can sometimes bring perspective especially to those who do not know your situation. 

In short, unless I find someone who can help me in person or I can attend a live siminar on setting up a cool-lookin' blog, this is the best I can do.  Keep checking back though... someday it'll look hip and you'll know right away someone else helped me!          

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